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Seasoft Software’s Enhanced Tracking Tools Help Food Processors Isolate Problems Quickly and With Pinpoint Precision

March 1, 2011 — Seasoft Software today announced that it has added a suite of enhanced traceability tools to its seafood processing and distribution software. The enhanced tools are designed to provide companies with full compliance with the new Food Safety Modernization Act and help them capitalize on revenue opportunities arising from increasing consumer demand for sustainable fisheries and more information about what they eat.

The new traceability solutions will be on display in Booth 967 at the International Boston Seafood Show (Booth 967), March 18-20.

Seasoft tracks individual bins, containers and packages and raw materials as they flow through the manufacturing process and anywhere in the supply chain. The software also includes a tracking module for U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USDA) inspections and country-of-origin-labeling (COOL) information such as source, production, inspection, genealogy and usage. In addition, a new batch recipe management tool helps processors track all data related to recipes, including descriptive information, technical properties, quantities in user-definable units, costing information, notes and history for every ingredient in every batch produced.

Frank Motta, Managing Director for Seasoft Software said, “One recall can potentially put a company out of business. When the FDA comes calling, having the right traceability systems and processes in place is critical. Seasoft will let you readily demonstrate that your products come from responsible, sustainable fisheries and that your organization is committed to a safe food chain.”

The Food Safety Modernization Act, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has significantly greater authority to inspect food production facilities in the U.S. and abroad to ensure that safe food manufacturing practices are in place. The FDA can block shipments from non-compliant producers, enact product recalls and, very soon, will require seafood importers to verify that their overseas products meet U.S. safety standards.

“By providing full regulatory compliance today and a platform that will scale and evolve as food safety regulations inevitably will, Seasoft represents a strategic investment in your company’s future,” commented Pat Gannon, vice president of sales for Seasoft.

About Seasoft Software

Seasoft Software is a fully integrated, turnkey business management solution that helps seafood processors and distributors enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs and maximize their bottom line. Whether it’s improving inventory control, increasing production yields, pinpointing costs or responding quickly to a food safety issue, Seasoft’s integrated, easy-to-use software tools will help you meet the challenges of weight-based, commodity-priced products where yields, lot and portion control, by-product accounting, settlement processing and multiple freezer and warehouse locations are of paramount importance.

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