Product Highlights

Built on over 30 years of seafood industry experience, Seasoft is an end-to-end, turnkey Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that’s feature rich in the functionality you need to maximize margins, lower operating costs and work smarter and more profitably. Whether you’re a standard fresh or frozen seafood distributor or a full-service processor where yield management, portion control and production processing and tracking are of paramount importance, Seasoft is an ideal solution.

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Excess inventory is more than just wasted cost. When perishable raw materials are involved, surplus inventory and delays in processing can also lead to quality and safety issues. Seasoft provides detailed container-to-container traceability, both upstream and downstream through production to shipment. And Seasoft’s integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) enhances accuracy and control in all facets of warehousing operations, letting you optimize materials handling, eliminate excessive inventory and, most importantly, maximize customer satisfaction.

Government regulations mandate that you trace every ingredient in your products in order to isolate problems quickly and with pinpoint precision. Seasoft tracks individual bins, containers and packages as they flow through the manufacturing process and distribution chain and provides detailed, historical information related to supply chain, production, inspection, genealogy and usage.

Seasoft lets you track all data related to your batch recipes – descriptive information, technical properties, quantities in user-definable units, costing information, notes and history for every ingredient in every batch produced, and keeps this data accessible at all times.

Seasoft’s Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) module provides a just-in-time inventory solution that integrates your sales, manufacturing, and purchasing activities so you can reduce inventory carrying costs and get a complete roadmap of what’s needed and when based on specific production capacity, resources, minimum inventories and vendor lead times.

Seasoft combines production-ready workstations, fully integrated electronic scales, bar code label printers and specialized production packing software to improve processing efficiency and provide for more accurate production yields.

Seasoft provides full barcode functionality, including label printing and scanning, and allows for customization to meet your unique requirements. You can scan barcodes on work orders, read all of the items required at each stage of each recipe, then scan the pre-measured and bar coded raw materials for that step to ensure that the product contains all the right ingredients added in the right sequence.

Seasoft’s click-driven, intuitive data reporting and business intelligence tool that’s changing the way seafood executives, sales managers and finance access critical information to make the most proactive, profitable decisions. With Seasoft, there’s no more waiting for outdated reports or lengthy deployment hassles. For the first time, the power of real-time business answers is in the hands of all users – so they can make better decisions and take action now.

Productivity gains in seafood-specific software are typically realized through ease-of-use that expedites the normal processing of everyday business activities or productivity gains through the automation of formerly manual operations. With the Seasoft seafood processing and distribution software, productivity gains can and do play a major role in the calculation of return on net investment.

At the core of the Seasoft seafood processing and distribution software is a sophisticated sales order processing engine that completely automates order entry, invoicing, back-orders, and handling of assortments and distribution orders. The Seasoft order processing system ensures that orders are recorded accurately, that the goods are shipped right the first time, and that orders are invoiced promptly.

Our web-based Sales Portal lets your customers order online 24/7 using any mobile device!

Accurate costing and pricing is essential to maintaining a profitable building materials business. The Seasoft seafood processing and distribution software centralizes standard and actual costs so price changes are applied quickly to components, work-in-progress (WIP) and finished products. BOM roll up allows for quick re-pricing and costing.

The Seasoft seafood processing and distribution software assists in the quick efficient and accurate ordering of materials, including PO tracking as well as receipt and invoice matching. Sophisticated purchasing tools calculate average daily usage based on your unique parameters as well as PO returns and non-stock / direct POs which pull non-stock special line items from sales order into the PO.

The Seasoft seafood processing and distribution software lets you quickly view sales by product, region or sales rep – and any other of your unique key performance indicators – as intuitive dashboard objects, so you can make informed, on-the-fly adjustments to your marketing, selling and customer service strategies. You get immediate access to real-time customer, sales, inventory and other key business performance indicators (KPI). No more waiting for outdated reports or lengthy spreadsheets. This click-driven, visually interactive interface presents your data in an intuitive ‘dashboard’ and puts the power of meaningful information into the hands of the people who need it – so they can make more informed and profitable decisions.

Operating your retail POS has never been easier. Seasoft provides complete control at the register for cash, checks, and credit cards. You get transaction posting, deposit and quote tracking, scheduled deliveries, credit issues, payment processing on account and, most important of all, rapid checkouts – all from one simple menu. Just enter your customer’s name and address at the POS and the Seasoft seafood processing and distribution software maintains historical data like transaction details, total purchases to date and more. This information is helpful when verifying payments on previous purchases, controlling product returns or monitoring pricing discounts. You can choose from a range of supported POS devices, touch screens, barcode and magnetic card readers.

Cost of Ownership over a reasonable period of time is a key element in a true analytical review of an investment in software. Through No Charge software updates and competitive 24/7 support, the Seasoft seafood processing and distribution software will provide a favorable cost of ownership comparison over a five year period and longer to its major competitors.

Cost Reduction is a key element in a favorable return on net investment. From personnel savings attained through staff reduction and/or productivity gains, to the elimination of pre-printed multi-part forms in favor of computer-generated forms and the automated archiving of all reports and forms through an Enterprise Records Management System, the Seasoft seafood processing and distribution software lets you realize significant operating cost reductions.

Competitive Edge Gaining is a key element in a favorable return on net investment. From personnel and maintaining a competitive edge in your market can be very meaningful to any business. One primary way that Seasoft offers a competitive edge is by providing access to timely and meaningful management information to assist in making key strategic and financial decisions.

Windows® server operating systems enable the Seasoft seafood processing and distribution software to operate with ease in a network environment widely acknowledged as the industry standard.

In addition, Seasoft can be delivered as a complete cloud application and we can host your IT infrastructure in our cloud or on a public cloud, potentially saving you significant upfront and operating expense.

Accurate and timely management reporting is the heart and soul of any business and this is where the Seasoft seafood processing and distribution software system shines. Full reporting is available within all modules with special emphasis on management status and profitability reporting such as SIR Reporting (Sales/Inventory recap), SOBER Inquiry (State of the Branch Effectively Report) GMROI (Gross Margin return on Investment) and many more.

Professional services are an important part of your Seasoft investment. Each implementation begins with a comprehensive needs assessment. Our experienced consultants and software development teams bring an intense focus on discovering those business processes and requirements that make your business distinct. Next, leveraging our proven best practices and experiences working with a broad base of companies within our target markets, we will recommend a customized software and hardware solution that streamlines operations through business process automation and real-time information availability.

We offer extensive training and support to help you get the most from our system. Our staff of trainers, consultants, programmers, and support representatives is available to assist with training and implementation, as well as answer any ongoing questions. Hands-on training, on-site services, phone support, custom programming and ongoing product updates provide our clients with expert, personalized service. You can be confident that you will have the best seafood processing and distribution software solution – now and in the future.

Seasoft is unique among ERP software providers, offering a full suite of convenient business network and IT support services to keep our customers up and running 24/7 and help significantly reduce IT support fees. These services include both managed network monitoring and traditional ‘break-fix’ support services. In addition, we provide disk-based, real-time data backups (and a bullet-proof disaster recovery platform), server virtualization technology to reduce your computer operating costs as well as a suite of tools from industry leading security companies to guard against damaging computer viruses, SPAM and malware attacks that often result in costly downtime.

In order to insure the highest level of management reporting, software performance and ongoing client profitability, Seasoft has developed a unique concept within the seafood processing and distribution industry. Under our ‘Guarantee Against Software Obsolescence’ concept, research and development on advanced computer software and industry best-practices processes is ongoing and results in the periodic release of new software functionality, which not only meets the current needs of our business partners but sets the standard for seafood processing and distribution software nationwide. And the best part is that there is no additional charge for the new software functionality.