Other Solutions

Yard Management

Our Warehouse Management Systems include an optional Yard Manager that provide positive tracking of the trailers in the yard. Yard Manager uses the latest technologies and mobile devices to arrive, locate, move, track and depart trailers. Added functions include dock appointment scheduling and carrier access portals.

  • Control each trailer in the yard with shuttle trucks, guard shack/welcome center functions and shipping and receiving office functions
  • Check trailer condition, temperature and fuel levels, record carrier and carrier trailer number, and capture inbound or outbound load reference number and status
  • Direct the movement of trailers to a dock (hot load) or to a yard location (drop trailer) and track the movement of trailers in the yard
  • Create move worksets to dock and undock trailers as needed
  • Flip empty trailers to available status and re-use for outbound loads
  • Handle multiple DC’s sharing a yard and trailers
  • Check driver paperwork and trailer seals against the trailer and carrier, capture driver information and update the status of the trailer
  • Ensure inbound and outbound trailers meet food safety requirements
  • Track fuel levels on trailers in the yard and record red tags on trailers that must be taken out of service

Transportation Management

Mobile Dispatch System

Our Delivery Tracking System, called Mobile Dispatch, is a unique combination of load planning software and mobile technology that delivers reduced freight costs and improved load utilization. Mobile Dispatch is a separate module from our WMS and Transportation Management products and can be used in combination with any of our supply chain management solutions.

Mobile Dispatch users report significant reductions in freight costs. The ability to optimize loads and track driver’s progress can result in freight cost savings of 10% or more!

Set your own rules to define load building parameters and minimize driving distances and maximize trailer utilization by organizing orders that are ready to pick and ship into loads.  The Optimizer sends groups of orders to mapping software, then groups the orders into Loads and assigns route and stop numbers. This planning data is sent back to the WMS for outbound picking and loading.

The Dispatch function picks up where the WMS leaves off, linking power units and trailers to routes, assigning drivers and tracking driver progress with Android-based Mobile function. The current location of each driver is visible on a map displayed in the Dispatch function. Additional stops to pickup returns or inbound shipments can be inserted into a load by the dispatcher.

The Mobile function for driver use accesses the assigned Load when the driver logs on to begin the trip. Mobile displays the first or next stop assigned and tracks the driver’s progress to it.  Drivers scan pallets as they are unloaded, enter and scan damaged items and shorts, enter the receiver’s name and capture a signature. A delivery confirmation record is sent back to dispatch with the date, time, receiver, signature and other pertinent data. Within a minute or two of the completion of a delivery, dispatcher or other office staff — or even customers — can open and print a PDF copy of the signed delivery slip.

Centerline Enterprise Transportation System

We specialize in driving Less-Than-Load (LTL) and Truck Load (TL) businesses to new heights with the Centerline suite of business solutions that reduce operating costs and increase profitability so effectively that ROI is often achieved in less than one year.

Centerline goes beyond simply automating business operations and financial management: it provides powerful tools to reduce costs and increase revenues. Centerline provides real-time visibility to all aspects of your business.