Professional Services

Choosing the right supply chain software is only the first step toward improving your supply chain performance. The next and perhaps most critical step is the process of implementation. From the moment you chose us as your partner, our team works with you to achieve the best fit possible between our supply chain software and your unique requirements.

At CAI Software, we use a four phase methodology to first understand your needs then deliver a feature-rich software solution that will improve productivity, reduce operating costs and help you achieve your objectives:

Each step of the launch cycle is important to the overall success of the project. Thorough analysis defines your unique and specific requirements. Rigorous testing procedures ensure the selected supply chain system is functioning predictably and interfacing properly with other systems.

Although users are provided with extensive training prior to implementation, on-site support during the launch phase is highly recommended. This support guarantees users are comfortable with new procedures and are able to efficiently perform daily routines.

At the completion of every project, a review or site audit is performed to ensure you realize the benefits you expect.