Provisions e-Signature Proof of Delivery

Provisions e-Signature Proof of Delivery

Is Your Proof of Delivery Driver Proof?

Eliminate lost POD documents and reduce paperwork with e-signatures.

Electronic Signature Capture for customer deliveries speeds order processing and saves your Accounting Department significant time resolving credit disputes.

Customers simply sign the delivery receipt via the driver’s tablet or smart phone for immediate proof of delivery. The driver can take photos and make notes which are automatically attached and archived, with the signature, to the customer’s order and can be emailed on-demand.

Resolve Delivery Disputes Quickly

Real-time proof of delivery helps resolve disputes over delivery times and quantities.  Improve your dispatch and delivery efficiency with less  paperwork, less data entry and duplication, and time-saving, instantaneous and up-to-the-minute information.

Provisions helps improve your service levels by keeping customers informed on the status of their deliveries.  There is no need to phone drivers asking for status of delivery and proof of delivery information so you can reduce your communication costs, and you no longer need to enter proof of delivery details at the end of the day when the drivers return with their delivery notes.

Today’s ubiquitous mobile devices like tablet PCs and smart phones are now being leveraged to effectively and conveniently organize, coordinate, and monitor all aspects of delivery tracking and delivery management in a very convenient and efficient way.  The combination of these devices with Provisions’ e-signature capability is the solution for fast, accurate, cost effective, and easily accessible delivery monitoring.

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