Value-added Capabilities to Expand Your Business.

Check out some of the advanced capabilities of the Provisions Software that can help your company grow!


When customers request a copy of the signed invoice or delivery receipt, give them what they want.

Provisions’ integrated e-Signature capability helps to speed order processing, resolve delivery disputes, elevate customer service and protect your bottom line.

Customers simply sign the delivery receipt via the driver’s mobile device for immediate proof of delivery.  If no one is available to sign for the delivery, the driver can take photos and make notes which are attached to the customer’s order, with or without a signature, and automatically emailed to the customer.  Your proof of delivery is archived in Provisions’ integrated DataView Document Management system via Wi-Fi or your data plan and can be easily retrieved at any time in the future.  In addition, you can scan signed paper invoices directly into Dataview.

With e-Signature capture you can:

  • Minimize delivery disputes;
  • Eliminate lost profits due to missing paperwork;
  • Promote driver accountability;
  • Assign orders automatically by route/truck in delivery order.


Production Control and Recipe Management in a Single Screen

Provisions is a great production-floor solution with an intuitive Quality Control (QC) user interface makes it easy to enter and modify QC data, and stores all QC data.

The software generates a serial number with links between the QC data record and the lot file for each item. In addition, you can define and maintain an unlimited amount of QC data for each item.  Items can be assigned a QC Type, which defines the various QC descriptor fields that Provisions prompts the user for.  The system will also provide possible contents for each field and the default setting.




How old is that product and what did it cost me?

Provisions’ integrated Lot Control capabilities help track and account for inventory from the point of purchase through the entire production process. Quickly identify the source and age of any product back to the received incoming ingredients, save considerable time in the event of a food safety recall, all while providing 100% accuracy in production yield and the costing of finished goods, and affording your customers the security of full traceability.

Provisions uses barcode labels with lot numbers, method of production (M.O.P.) and production location, type, supplier, pack weight and date, inspection, and other identifying information which are affixed to the finished product or containers of raw materials used in production. Wireless barcode scanning devices are strategically placed throughout your facility to monitor every product movement and capture essential information from bins, containers and packages.


Where is that product and how long has it been there?

Provisions’ Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a real-time inventory control solution that significantly improves warehouse and freezer accuracy, reduces inventory levels and costs, and helps you gain a competitive edge.

The software uses wireless, hand-held WIFI-connected devices, along with bar code scanners and specialized warehousing software tools to track inventory from the time raw materials arrive to the shipping of finished goods.  Capture inventory information at the receiving dock and then utilize it to lower inventory levels and costs, improve accuracy and inventory management, reduce receiving, staging, picking and replenishment time and improve order fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

A convenient Inventory Inquiry Lookup displays the date of receipt of the product, production date, how long the product has been at that location and much more. In addition, the system automatically alerts the picker if there are more aged option for a particular product.

If you’re ready to improve warehouse workflow, reduce stocking, picking, packing and shipping errors, increase employee productivity and simplify cycle counting and full physical inventory, step up to Provisions WMS.


A picture tells a thousand words…how is your business REALLY doing?

What if you could turn on your computer every morning and immediately view your key business information in an intuitive, online dashboard?  With Provisions’ integrated Business Intelligence (BI) tool, you can.  Visualize real-time data in easy-to-read graphs and charts, and analyze it to make new discoveries and solve business problems in ways you might not have thought of.

Based on QlikView® the world’s first associative, in-memory Business Discovery platform, Provisions lets you analyze salesperson performance, product sales, customer profitability, inventory, vendor performance, A/R, GL activity and more.

Easily explore data from all sources and, unlike other solutions, Provisions lets everyone—sales, production, back office, even delivery personnel—access the data they need to make better decisions.



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