Track Inventory from Point of Purchase Through Delivery.

Production efficiency and forward and backward traceability are at the heart of Provisions.  Easily track and account for inventory from the point of purchase through the entire production process.  This full traceability—and the corresponding 100% accuracy in costing of finished goods—helps you identify the real-time margin of every product, so you can sell more profitably while affording your customers the security of traceability.

Lot Control and Tracking from Receiving to Delivery

Provisions automatically track lots each time inventory is moved or transferred and records it electronically as it happens.  From a food traceability perspective, lot history is maintained from the time it is received through all production steps and is completed when product is shipped.

Traceability in the Most Complex Production Environments

Strategically located computer terminals or hand-held barcode scanner devices throughout your facility monitor every product, product movement and product transformation and capture essential information from bins, containers and packages.

Data is then recorded in real-time to a secure, central file where it can be retrieved as needed.  When product is being reworked or if there are partial returns to storage, for example, Provisions maintains detailed, serialized tracking of products without a loss of individual animal traceability.  In a processing environment, each step is identified to ensure the outputs become  the inputs of subsequent processes, enabling you to easily trace product back to its source materials.

Know Your True Yield and Cost of Goods

Provisions simplifies the yield (or shrinkage) calculation by automatically capturing data associated with incoming and outgoing products for each process.

By registering the weights of each bin going into a batch or process, and recording the actual weights of outgoing containers, Provisions pinpoints the exact yield of that process over a particular period.

Improve Accuracy with Bar Code Labeling

Assign barcodes to containers of finished goods as well as raw materials used in producing a batch of finished product. For all shipped outgoing products, Provisions identifies the sources of the materials back to the received incoming products, saving considerable time and money in the event of a food safety recall.

Barcodes imprinted on the label can include not only the lot tracking information to facilitate food traceability, but method of production (M.O.P.) and production location, pack weight and date, inspection, and other identifying information.

Track Materials and Finished Goods

Provisions provides accurate quantities, age, type, and supplier of all raw and in-process materials, finished goods and packaging materials on hand and at various warehouse or freezer locations.  Productivity and effectiveness in inventory and warehouse management functions can be significantly improved, including better stock rotation and reduced inventory levels (e.g. less “safety stock” required).

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