Provisions – Optimize Yield, Costing & Inventory Control

Optimize Yield, Costing & Inventory Control

Provisions, from CAI Software, has helped some of the most well-respected and successful protein processing and distribution businesses improve accuracy and efficiency and lower costs.

Our best-in-class yield management and product costing capabilities ensure the highest margin on everything you cut and our inventory control, warehouse and freezer management tools give you full visibility into your inventory, no matter where it’s located.

Real-time Costing of Yielded Product for Better Pricing 

Margins are under constant pressure, and with almost 75% of the cost of the final product derived from the raw material, it’s critical to monitor actual yield against the expected yield to make better pricing decisions.  Provisions monitors yield, in real-time for individual product lines so you can react quickly should the actual yield deviate.

By registering the weights of each bin going into a batch or process, and recording the weights of outgoing containers, you can pinpoint the exact yield of that process.  Quickly re-price products by applying standard and actual costs to bill of materials, and factor in labor, packaging, overhead and other costs to maximize margins.

Best-in-Class Inventory Control 

Improve the efficiency of picking, packing and all aspects of your inventory control and get real-time information on each item in the production cycle or in your warehouse or freezer.  Track product from the receipt of raw materials to the shipment of finished goods using barcoded labeling to gain tighter control of stock levels and locations, and always have product on-hand to fill anticipated orders and keep excess stock to a minimum.

These are just two of the ways the Provisions Meat Processing and Distribution Software can help you drive profitability higher.

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