Provisions – Optimize Yield, Costing & Inventory Control

Provisions Yield Management

There’s more to yield management than a skilled cutter.

Yield has a significant, direct impact on your bottom line. With margins under pressure, even small deviations in yield can turn black figures red. That’s why is critical to be able to closely monitor and control the actual yield against the expected yield.

CAI Software’s Provisions meat processing and distribution software lets you monitor yield, in real-time, for individual processing lines and react quickly should the actual yield deviate from the expected. A user-friendly control screen lets you manage the system and view data from the entire production process in real time.

Sophisticated Costing Capabilities Built-In

Costing and pricing your goods are essential to profitability. If you cut your own steaks or poultry, or offer cooked meats such as prime rib or smoked brisket, it’s a certainty that the true cost per pound of the finished product will be significantly greater the original purchase price.

Provisions automatically calculates exact costs for finished goods and supports cost-plus pricing, so you can factor in labor, packaging, delivery costs and other charges to get an accurate cost of goods and protect your profit margins on every transaction.

You get a detailed audit trail to quickly demonstrate your true costs and margins, and you can easily centralize standard and actual costs so price changes can be applied quickly to a lot of finished product. Bill of materials roll-up allows for quick re-pricing and costing.

By-Product Costing, Tracking and Production

In many meat processing organizations, by-products are typically assigned a market value and costs are applied to multiple products. With Provisions, by-product item costing can be based on the actual weight of the by-product rather than a standardized cost. By capturing and analyzing the actual versus standard or estimated costs for by-products, you can optimize processes to make better pricing decisions.

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