Provisions Processing & Packing Webinar

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Join us on Thurs., June 6th from 11:00 – 11:30 AM EDT: Processing Best Practices to Maximize Profitability.

Discover how Provisions’ state-of-the-art Production and Packing solution can increase the productivity, accuracy and profitability of your cutting and packing operations.

Provisions’ production processing software, integrated, wash-down computers, scales and thermal bar code label printers simplify yield management and improve efficiency by eliminating manually-entered shipped weights for every order.

See how this affordable, turnkey ERP software for protein processors and distributors can help you:

  • improve productivity by enabling cutters to view work orders with species and weight to be cut and packed
  • ensure accurate recording of production yields by automatically recording cut weights against work orders
  • maximize customer service by updating each invoice for actual quantities shipped
  • provide quick and thorough product recalls with lot-level traceability for all production and packing steps.

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