Provisions Product Packing

Provisions Production Packing Interface

Your packing operations play a key role in maximizing profitability. Even the smallest deviation in yield and shipping weights can have a significant, direct impact on your bottom line.

Give Your Team the Tools To Be Their Best

Provisions’ Production and Packing Interface combines touch-screen workstations, electronic scales, bar code printers and specialized software for the food processing industry to improve efficiency and accuracy.

As customer sales orders are entered, Provisions creates an aggregate Production Planning Report. Alternatively, individual packers can query the system for specific work orders to be viewed on their packing workstation.

The work order specifies the precise weights to be cut or packed. Quantities packed are automatically rolled up to calculate exact yields and for use in work order receipts later. Packers can also add truck route information.

Packing weights are captured directly from scales and recorded on the open work order. By eliminating manually-entered shipped weights, Provisions improves efficiency and ensures 100% accurate production yields on every order. Customer invoices are automatically processed with actual weights and quantities shipped, and back-office staff need only click a button to generate the invoice.

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