Provisions Top 5 Features

Top 5 Ways Technology Improves Revenue and Profits

Track Raw, In-process and Finished Goods Materials

In today’s consumer environment,  traceability should be at the heart of any protein processing software.  Provisions’ Lot Tracking maintains lot history from the time raw material is received through each production step and final customer shipment. With Provisions, you always have accurate inventory of raw and in-process materials, finished goods and packaging materials on hand.

Strategically located hand-held barcode scanner devices positioned throughout the plant capture information from bins, containers and packages so you can monitor product movement and transformations and offer the security of complete traceability.  Barcodes can include not only the lot tracking information to facilitate food traceability, but method of production (M.O.P.) and production location, pack weight and date, inspection, and other identifying information.

In a processing environment, each step is identified to ensure the outputs become the inputs of subsequent processes, enabling you to easily trace product back to its source materials, saving considerable time and money in the event of a food safety recall. When product is being reworked or if there are partial returns to storage, Provisions maintains detailed, serialized tracking of products back to the original primal.

Costing and Yield Management Protect Margins

Provisions protects your margin on every transaction with convenient ‘cost-plus’ pricing that calculates costs for labor, packaging, overhead and other charges to give you the true cost of goods sold. Easily apply standard and actual costs to bill of materials for quick re-pricing and costing of finished products, and get accurate costing of by-product material based on actual weight. What’s more, Provisions lets you easily maintain multiple, dynamic customer pricing lists and stage pricing for the next week, eliminating those frustrating afternoons preparing for the following week’s business.

If you cut steaks or poultry, or offer cooked meats such as prime rib or roast beef, yields (shrinkage) can vary widely depending upon the breed and size of the primary product, the skill of the cutter and other variables. With margins under constant pressure, and almost 75% of the cost of the final product derived from the raw material, it’s critical to monitor and control the actual yield against the expected yield.

Provisions monitors yield, in real-time for individual processing lines so you can react quickly should the actual yield deviate from the expected. Automated data capture of incoming and outgoing products for each process simplifies the yield calculation. By registering the weights of each bin going into a batch or process, and recording the actual weights of outgoing containers, Provisions pinpoints the exact yield of that process.

Improve Accuracy and Visibility with Barcoded Warehouse Management

Provisions warehouse management and inventory control significantly improves accuracy in all facets of warehousing. Wireless, hand-held RF mobile PCs and bar code scanners capture inventory information at the receiving dock and track it through to the shipping of finished goods. You can easily view materials by warehouse or freezer location, age, type, and supplier. With the right capabilities, inventory and warehouse management functions can greatly enhance productivity and effectiveness, including better stock rotation and reduced inventory levels (e.g. less “safety stock” required).

Provisions’ combination of bar code identification and specialized warehousing software tools help you lower inventory levels, maximize picking accuracy and inventory management, reduce receiving, staging and replenishment time, minimize errors and simplify cycle counting and full physical inventories.

Maximize Service, Improve Communications with Document Management

Provisions’ Electronic Document Management solution lets you manage records electronically and improve the accuracy and quality of customer service by giving your team instant access to customer statements, purchase orders, acknowledgements, delivery receipts and more 24/7 from any PC anywhere.

Images of document and system-generated transactions are instantly stored and linked to related transactions behind the scenes. The documents can be quickly accessed at any time, from anywhere, indefinitely, and on an enterprise-wide basis.  Flexible scanning and import options automatically store and link documentation to Provisions transactions which can be rapidly accessed by system users at any time, from anywhere, on an enterprise-wide basis — link vendor quotes and invoices to non-stock P.O.s, packing slips to AP receipts, signed delivery receipts to customer invoices, a customer email to a statement, etc.

Already have a Document Management system in place? We’ll convert data from any Document Management system already in use to DataView — eliminating the need and expense of maintaining a separate server in order to refer back to old data.

Speed Order Processing and Minimize Customer Disputes with E-Signatures

Electronic Signature Capture for customer deliveries speeds order processing, saves your Accounting Department significant time issuing credit memos, and helps to minimize delivery disputes.

Customers simply sign the delivery receipt via the driver’s tablet or smart phone for immediate proof of delivery. The driver can take photos and make job site notes which are automatically attached and archived, with the signature, to the customer’s order and can be emailed on-demand.

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