Provisions Yield Management, Costing and Lot Tracking

Optimize Yield, Costing, Lot Tracking and Your Bottomline.

ProVisions Meat Processing and Distribution Software is an on-demand business management solution that helps protein processors and distributors improve efficiencies in every facet of their business so they can reduce costs and maximize profits. Here are just some of the ways ProVisions can work for you!

Accurate Yields Means Higher Margins

If you cut steaks or poultry, or offer cooked meats such as prime rib, smoked brisket or roast beef, you know that yield has a significant, direct impact on the bottom line.

With profit margins under constant pressure, and almost 75% of the cost of the final product derived from the raw material, it’s no wonder that Protein Processors closely monitor and control the actual yield against the expected yield. What’s more, actual yields can vary widely depending upon the size of the primary product, season, breed of the animal, skill of the cutter and other variables.

Even the smallest deviation in yield can significantly impact margins.

ProVisions’ flexible yield management and costing tools monitor yield, in real-time, for individual processing lines so you can react quickly should the actual yield deviate from the expected. ProVisions lets you use all data capture processes to set up different yield control points that combine the various aspects of the production process in different ways.

Real-time Costing for Better Pricing Decisions

ProVisions calculates true cost of goods for finished products and by-product material, including cost-plus pricing for labor, packaging, overhead and other charges—so you can protect your profit margins on every transaction. Centralize standard and actual costs and immediately apply to bill of materials for quick re-pricing and costing of finished products, and get accurate costing of by-product material based on actual weight to help make better pricing decisions.

Lot Tracking from the Point of Purchase Through Every Phase of  Production.

Production efficiency and complete food traceability are at the heart of ProVisions.  You can easily track and account for inventory from the point of purchase through the entire production process. This full traceability—and the corresponding 100% accuracy in costing of finished goods—helps you identify the real-time margin of every product, so you can sell more profitably while affording your customers the security of traceability. 

ProVisions automatically track lots each time inventory is moved or transferred and records it electronically as it happens. From a food traceability perspective, lot history is maintained from the time it is received through all production steps and is completed when product is shipped.

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