Seafood Software Made for Seafood Business.

Seafood Software Made for Seafood Business.

Not All Software is Created Equal.

Seasoft, from CAI Software, has been enhanced over the past 20 years to help some of the most well-respected and successful seafood businesses improve accuracy and efficiency and lower their costs.

Here’s just a few of the ways Seasoft can help you:

  • Best-in-class inventory control and Warehouse Management
  • Lot Control for forward and backward traceability and fast recall response
  • Real-time costing for better pricing strategies and higher margins
  • Remote 24/7 access for your customers and mobile sales team
  • Compatibility with MSC Chain of Custody, GFSI and other standards
  • Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard for enterprise-wide visibility

Best-in-Class Inventory Control 

Improve the efficiency of picking, packing and all aspects of your inventory control and get real-time information on each item in the production cycle or in your warehouse or freezer.

Track product from the receipt of raw materials to the shipment of finished goods using barcoded labeling to gain tighter control of stock levels and locations, and always have product on-hand to fill anticipated orders and keep excess stock to a minimum.

Lot-level Traceability for Fast Recall Response

Know the source of everything you purchase and sell, and offer your customers the comfort of knowing your products are derived from sustainable fisheries.  Assign a lot number to fresh and frozen, unprocessed product as it is received from a boat, a vendor or an import partner.  The unique lot number is linked to the material as it goes through different processing steps, and finished product can be tracked from the customer’s invoice back to the vendor that the material was purchased from.

Get complete, forward and backward traceability that helps you comply with health regulations regarding shellfish harvest areas, landed quantities and other regulations. Lot Control also enables your retail customers to comply with labeling requirements associated with Country of Origin and Method of Production.

Lot tracking and the paperwork and spreadsheets involved to document product history can become a real challenge to a growing business. Barcodes solve this problem efficiently and error-free. In addition to lot numbers, barcodes can also be linked to method of production and production location, pack weight and date, expiration date and more. In the event of a product recall, Seasoft lets you easily drill down through production lots to the raw materials, saving considerable time and money by limiting the recall only to products affected by the specific problem.

Real-time Costing of Yielded Product for Better Pricing

Margins are under constant pressure, and with almost 75% of the cost of the final product derived from the raw material, it’s critical to monitor actual yield against the expected yield to make better pricing decisions.  Seasoft monitors yield, in real-time for individual product lines so you can react quickly should the actual yield deviate.

By registering the weights of each bin going into a batch or process, and recording the actual weights of outgoing containers, you can pinpoint the exact yield of that process.  Quickly re-price products by applying standard and actual costs to bill of materials, and easily factor in labor, packaging, overhead and other costs so you can maximize margins on every transaction.

Remote 24/7 Access for Customers and Your Sales Team

Drive more online orders, reduce errors and give your customers what they want—an easier, more convenient way to order from you.  Seasoft streamlines sales with 24/7 online ordering that lets your restaurant and retail buyers, and your mobile sales team, place orders anytime, anywhere.

A secure, fully branded website lets your customers search your online product catalog and current promotions, view their individual order history, build a cart, place orders and schedule delivery dates with a single click.

Compatibility with MSC Chain of Custody, GFSI and Other Standards

Changing seafood industry regulations can make compliance difficult.  Seasoft helps our clients achieve compliance with many of the major industry standards, including MSC Chain of Custody Standard, Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard for Enterprise-wide Visibility

Access your actionable business data and quickly view key business performance indicators in an intuitive executive dashboard.  Seasoft’s point-and-click tool lets you view information about margins on specific products, product sales and salesperson performance and more in easy-to-read graphs and charts, and give everyone—sales, production, back office and dispatchers—fast access the information they need to make better decisions.

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