Seasoft – Simplify MSC and GFSI Compliance

Simplify Compliance with Seasoft.

Savvy, health-conscious seafood consumers are driving change in the seafood industry. Up and down the supply chain, seafood buyers, processors and sellers must account for wild fish stocks nearing maximum sustainable yield, increasing regulatory oversight, and strict product traceability requirements.

Sustainable seafood practices and compliance with the Marine Stewardship Council, the Global Food Safety Initiative and other major programs, is top of mind for seafood processors and distributors. Certification as a well-managed fishery that’s sustaining resources for future generations has real value in separating you from the competition.

This whitepaper describes how Seasoft supports best practices in inventory management, product traceability and reporting, and helps our clients:

  • track product from the point of purchase through the production and quickly identify who provided the product and who took delivery of it
  • offer retail customers the security of knowing exactly what they’re purchasing
  • save considerable time and money in a food safety or packaging recall.

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