Seasoft Yield & Costing Management

Seasoft Yield & Costing Management

Eliminate inaccurate seafood yields with Seasoft.

There’s more to yield management than a skilled cutter.

Inaccurate seafood yields have a significant, direct impact on your bottom line. With margins under pressure, even small deviations in yield can turn black figures red. That’s why it’s critical to be able to closely monitor and control the actual yield against the expected yield.

Track and Report Actual Yields of Everything You Cut

Foley Fish choses Seasoft for always-accurate yields

Seasoft ERP Software help eliminate inaccurate seafood yields by tracking and reporting actual yields of everything you cut. If 1,000 lbs. of tuna with an expected yield of 70% are sent to production for skin-on and skin-off loins and the actual yield is substantially less, production managers can quickly confirm that the yield was accurately recorded on the work order, or take other corrective steps to stop losing money.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Captures Production Costs

Seasoft’s item-specific bill of materials (BOM) and cost-plus pricing for labor, packaging, delivery costs and other charges help protect your margins on every transaction.

Eliminate inaccurate seafood yields once and for all. Contact Jim Levy at (800) 422-4782 or or complete this form.