Seafood Traceability Mastered

Consumer demands and government regulations to combat seafood mislabeling and minimize the flow of product from illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing in the supply chain have made traceability critically important. The challenge for seafood distributors is to deploy an automated, cost-effective approach that helps them respond quickly to food safety issues and provides customers with peace of mind that the food they’re consuming is from sustainable sources.

Seasoft ERP software meets the challenge head-on. With Seasoft, you’ll sell more by providing customers with the security of traceability, and position your business for compliance with global traceability initiatives.

Forward-and-Backward Traceability

Seasoft’s enhanced lot control with barcodes tracks every product, product movement and transformation, and records it electronically as it happens. For all shipped products, Seasoft can identify the sources of the materials back to the received incoming products. This saves considerable time and money in a food recall while demonstrating compliance with food safety protocols.

In processing environment with multiple steps that must be recorded for product identification, Seasoft maintains serialized tracking of all raw materials and finished products. The outputs of each step in production becomes the inputs of subsequent processes, so you can quickly trace product back to its source materials.

Shellfish Labelling and Tracking

Shellfish demand in the market has increased, and along with it, the requirement to correctly label and track all shellfish received and sold. Seasoft generates bar code labels that include a unique lot number, harvest locations and dates for every bag of shellfish that is received. The labels can be scanned when a bag is broken, generating re-shipper labels that carry all necessary information.

When a bag is scanned to a customer order, all data pertaining to the shellfish is carried through to the order and printed on the customer invoice. As with all of the products managed by Seasoft, there is complete forward and backward traceability for all of the shellfish.

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